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Sailing holidays in the Cyclades

Holidays on a sailboat or catamaran in the Cyclades are an experience not to be missed for those who are passionate about sailing holidays in Greece. You will find yourself sailing in a ​deep blue sea, from which forty islands apparently barren and rocky emerge, with their internal green areas, golden beaches and stunning cliffs.


Sailing holidays in the Cyclades

Discover the Cyclades
During your sailing holiday in the Cyclades you will encounter picturesque villages perched on hills, small fishing villages overlooking beautiful bays, dazzling white houses decorated with bright colors, adorned with flowers with intense aromas such as jasmine, bougainvillea and geraniums.

An amazing itinerary
You will sail in a sea of ​​light, with the deep blue crystal clear sea as the setting for fascinating monasteries perched on sheer cliffs and still towers, mills, terraces planted with olive trees and vines: the holiday on a sailing boat in Greece is ideal for those who love the sea and the small fishing villages where you can stop to eat fresh fish.

The nightlife
But not just this. The Cyclades are known for the nightlife of Mykonos and Paros, the charming towns of Naxos and Ios, and the natural beauty and the architectural style of Santorini and Tinos, the center of the Orthodox faith with its 750 churches and monasteries.

Discover the islands
The enjoyment of sailing between islands as Fea, Serifs, Sikinos, Kythnos, Milos, Sifnos, Amorgos Andros, or the smaller islands, as Dhonoussa, Skhinoussa, Iraklia and Koufonisia, the discovery of small fishing villages, dream coves, sheltered harbours, must not be missed.

Beware the Meltemi
The prevailing wind in the summer is the Meltemi which blows from the north from June to September. The period to avoid for the less experienced, from the second half of July to the first half of August when the Meltemi blows force 5-6 and can reach force 7-8 blowing vigorously from 1 to 3 days, and sometimes for a whole week.

During this time we do not recommend this itinerary unless you are very experienced and know what you’re doing. In the north of the Cyclades the wind blows from the north – east, in the centre from the North, in the South from the North-West. In the south- west Cyclades the influence of the Meltemi is much less strong.

The winds
In the other months the wind blows with force 3-4 and navigation is much easier. In September, the problem ceases, so the islands are very enjoyable.

In general navigating in the Cyclades is a bit more difficult than other areas of Greece, so it is an itinerary that generally we recommend to groups accustomed to sailing. Below are tips for possible itineraries of a week or two weeks.


First Itinerary for Cyclades sailing holidays

day 1 Kea (Vourkari)
day 2 Syros
day 3 Myconos
day 4 Naxos
day 5 Ios
day 6 Folegandros
day 7 Antiparos
day 8 Paros
day 9 Sifnos
day 10 Serifos
day 11 Hydra
day 12 Poros
day 13 Aegina
day 14 Athens

Second itinerary for Cyclades sailing holidays

Total distance: 355 nautical miles approximately

1st day: Embarkation 9th day: Folegandros – Kimolos – Sifnos (20 nm)
2nd day: Athens – Sounio – Kea (Vourkari) (40 nm) 10th day: Sifnos – Serifos (20 nm)
3rd day: Kea – Loutra (Kithnos) (20 nm) 11th day: Serifos – Merichas (Kithnos) (15 nm)
4th day: Loutra – Siros – Mykonos (40 nm) 12th day: Merichas – Poros (45 nm)
5th day: Mykonos – Delos – Paros (25 nm) 13th day: Poros – Aegina (30 nm)
6th day: Paros – los (25 nm) 14th day: Aegina – Athens (25 nm)
7th day: los – Sikinos -Thira (20 nm) 15th day: Disembarkation

Itinerario Cicladi una settimana

Kalamaki Kithnos 45 NM
Kithnos Sifnos 32 NM
Sifnos Serifos 12 NM
Serifos Kea 42 NM
Kea Cap Sounion 15 NM
Cap Sounion Kalamaki 23 NM

Itinerario Cicladi una settimana

day 1 Kea (Vourkari)
day 2 Syros
day 3 Paros
day 4 Antiparos – Despotiko
day 5 Serifos
day 6 Hydra
day 7 Athens

How to book

To book a yacht or ask information or receive a quote you can +39 0698181706 or at mobile +39 3394772428. Our team will be pleased to give you all the information you need.

The deposit to send at the moment of booking is the 50% of the cost of the yacht.
The balance should be sent one month before the embarkation.

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