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Caribbean sailing yacht charter

Have you ever thought to celebrate the New Year Day swimming at the sea? A sailing holiday in the Caribbean is a must. Make a break for ten days or two weeks, while in your country is full winter, in a scenario made ​​of white sand, blue sky and green sea. Sailing among the Caribbean islands is an amazing experience to be done at least once in lifetime: Feel the trade winds loads of fragrant smell of spices, spend the day sailing and swimming, immersed in this amazing landscape made of untouched nature, turquoise water with colorful fish, constant wind to sail the whole year: all this are the Caribbean.

Caribbean sailing yacht charter

The Caribbean islands are an all year sailing area for sailing expert and beginners. due to the constant winds and the dry climate they can be considered a sailing paradise. 

The paradise for sailing lovers

There are probably no other waters with more ideal conditions for a sailing yacht charter than Caribbean waters. Calypso rhythms, exotic colors and scent, Creole culinary specialties, bright waters as well as sun and constant wind provide the perfect location for unforgettable sailing holidays on the water. 

The many islands of the caribbean

The many islands of the Caribbean, all different and amazing are situated like pearls on a string between North America and Venezuela. Coral atolls with dreamlike white beaches, amazing reefs with colorful fishes and volcanic Islands come one after the other to design you perfect sailing yacht charter. 

The pristine nature

Luxuriant vegetation, untouched nature and green landscapes surrounded by turquoise and deep blue waters will cast a spell on the people who choose this itinerary for their sailing holidays. 

The variety of the islands

The islands are all different, and very island has its own peculiar taste. you can choose among lot of sailing yachts with or without skipper and a crew from the northern Virgin Islands over the Leeward Islands including Antigua down to Guadeloupe which is more to the south and the Windward Islands from Martinique to the Grenadine Islands.

Once you sail in these waters at least one time you can’t help but come again.

Do island hopping

With a one way sailing yacht charter then you will have the opportunity to do full “island Hopping” and experience a great number of different islands. Due to the weather almost always excellent, with dry climate and temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, Caribbean are one of the most popular sailing itineraries in the world.

The winds

The wind is blowing steadily and, depending on the base, the sailing season covers the whole year. Our main bases are located on the islands Tortola, St. Martin, Guadeloupe, and Martinique but different bases could be provided.

Ask for our yachts and suggestions

Send us a request, we will send a complete offer and suggestions for a perfect sailing yacht charter in the Caribbean islands.

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