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Catamaran rent Ionian Islands lagoon 400

This beautiful lagoon 400, is the perfect choice for catamaran rent in Ionian Islands for a perfect greece sailing charter. The beautiful islands of Lefkada , Kefalonia, Zakynthos , Corfu, Paxos , Lefkas , Ithaca , and a myriad of other smaller but no less beautiful islands, are waiting to offer the thrill of a sailing holiday in Greece. You will sail in the amazing Aegean sea, sometimes cobalt blue, sometimes light blue, and visiting the many enchanting towns near the coast and the unspoiled nature of the island.



charm and elegance

This beautiful Lagoon 400 is the result of the know-how for building Lagoon since 1984. Ideal for charter, this catamaran in the 4 cabins version, is the perfect combination of balance between the volume of the hulls and performance, the saloon and cockpit, cabins and bathrooms, between inside and outside. The lines of the Lagoon 400, while remaining faithful to the principles of Lagoon, are inspired by the charm and elegance of the Lagoon 620, flagship of the range.

a great sailing route

The Ionian Islands are one of the most beautiful sailing holidays route in the world including an archipelago of 123 islands, of which only 23 are inhabited. The dawn of the Ionian Islands is an amazing show and a sailing charter in ionian islands is a great holiday.

In the morning you live the sea, sailing in the many bays where you can have lunch. In the evening then, you can go to discover the many Greek tavernas, mooring directly in front of a tavern for a seafood dinner. If you prefer you can discover the vibrant nightlife or if you are more relaxed type, you ban enjoy the many small fishing villages, still submerged in a timeless atmosphere .

great for families and groups

A catamaran-rent-in the ionian-islands is great for families or group of friends. The Ionian Islands are the ideal place to spend time relaxing with family and friends, to celebrate a special occasion or learn a bit of sailing. Finally, the Ionian islands are also ideal for a family holiday or for groups on their first sailing experience due to the easy route, full of stops.

Why the catamarans

Why choose a catamaran ? Because the catamaran is the ideal choice for those who love the sea and wants to live the ideal solution for a holiday on a sailing boat in Greece to the Ionian islands for families or large groups: the ample space both outdoor and indoor; the comfort, the privacy, the greater possibility to approach coasts and beaches and to anchor in the harbor,thanks to the reduced draft, are only some of the features of these wonderful boats.

extreme stability while sailing or at anchor

The catamarans are also some real verandas overlooking the sea, this amazing lagoon 400 will be your sailing hotel, changing skyline every morning. Finally the catamarans, as at anchor at sea, do not tilt and remain extremely stable due to the double hulls. So that, in the absence of its pitch and roll, it becomes extremely rare to fell unpleasant seasickness even for those who are not so used to sail.

Tec. Spec

Year of built: 2012
Lenght: 11,97 m.
Beam: 7,25 m.
Draft: 10,348 t.
Mainsail: 56 mq – Genoa: 28 mq
Cabins: 4 + 1 x skipper
Heads: 4 + 1 x skipper
Berths: 8 + 2 + skipper
Draft: 1,21 m.
Motori: 2×40 hp Yanmar.
Water tank: 600
Fuel tank 400 lt.


Some of our itineraries for Ionian Islands Vacation

out: Gouvia Marina Corfu ; Duration 2 weeks

Total distance: Approximately 250 nautical miles
1st day : Embarkation 9th day < / strong > : Vathi – Porto Leone – Calamos (20 nm)
2nd day < / strong > : Corfu – Sivota – Mourtos (24 nm) 10th day < / strong > : Calamos – Ag Nikolas – Lefkas (20 nm)
3rd day < / strong > : Mourtos – Agios Ioannis – Parga (20 nm) 11th day < / strong > : Lefkas – Gaios (33 nm)
4th day < / strong > : Parga – Mytikas – Preveza (26 nm) 12th day < / strong > : Gaios – round of Paxos – Lakka (12 nm)
5th day < / strong > : Preveza – Scorpios – Nidri (19 nm) 13th day < / strong > : Lakka
6th day < / strong > Nidri – Meganisi – Spartochori (9 nm) 14th day < / strong > : Lakka – Corfu (32 nm)
7th day < / strong > : Spartochori – Ithaki – Fiskardo ( Cephalonia ) (19 nm) 15th day < / strong > : Disembarkation
8th day < / strong > : Fiskardo – Skinos – Vathi ( Ithaki ) (20 nm)

a week from Corfu to Lefkas
1 day Corfu
day 2 Sivota
day 3 Paxos
day 4 Meganisi
day 5 Keffalonia ( Fiskardo )
day 6 Ithaki ( Vathi or Kioni )
day 7 Lefkas

a week – Lefkas Lefkas
1 day Lefkas
day 2 Meganisi
day 3 Kalamos
day 4 Kastos
day 5 Ithaki ( Vathi or Kioni )
day 6 Keffalonia ( Fiskardo )
day 7 Lefkas

How to book

To book a yacht or ask information or receive a quote you can +39 0698181706 or at mobile +39 3394772428. Our team will be pleased to give you all the information you need.

The deposit to send at the moment of booking is the 50% of the cost of the yacht.
The balance should be sent one month before the embarcation.

The bank details are as follow:

Beneficiary: Duende s.r.l.  Via Masurio Sabino 31 – 00175 – Roma  P.IVA e C.F. 10709511009  

      Tel. 0698181706  – mob 3394772428 e-mail : info@italyyachtcharters.com

account number c/c 36012 00000401275813 Eur
To Unicredit Bank , P.zza Cola di Rienzo 80/c 0092 – Roma
IBAN : IT 98 L 02008 05024 000401275813       SWIFT UNCRITM1B93

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Catamaran rent Ionian Islands lagoon 400