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A sailing holiday in Croatia, along the north coast, in the area that goes from Rijeka to Zadar, can be very fun and exciting for the more experienced sailors. In Croatia you will find many opportunities to rent sailing boats, catamarans, motor yachts or gulet. In this area of Croatia the wind can blow hard, giving the thrill of an unforgettable sailing, adventurous and extremely exciting. In this area, there are also well- sheltered harbors, both on the coast of the mainland and in the small islands.


The sailing lovers paradise

All the harbors in the area, all efficient and provided of the main services: In addition to the port of Rijeka, one of the busiest ports of the Adriatic for commercial use, in this area you will find the ports of Bakar, Kraljevica, Crikvenica, Senj and Karlobag, just to name a few. In addition to the many ports you will find many sheltered bays and coves to shelter if the weather changes suddenly. This is the reason why the area of the Kvarner is the perfect place do practice of sailing during your sailing vacation in Croatia.

One love, many itineraries

The itinerary we recommend for your sailing vacation in Croatia sailing in the North area and in the Gulf of Reijka could be the following. You can start the beautiful island of Krk, in Punat Marina, a town, famous for its cathedral, for the ruins dating back to ancient Rome and the Venetian castle.

A lot of beautiful islands

Around the small Krk island you will find the small towns of Vrbrnik and the small town of Baska where time passes slowly and rhythms seem the ones when the busy life did not exist and life went on a human scale. Sailing South West, you will find the largest island in the Gulf, the island of Cres, a true paradise with a magnificent natural landscape made of cliffs, ancient villages perched on the hills, hidden coves accessible only by sea and breathtaking views. The island is famous for the eco-tourism and is a true natural paradise.

The small town of Beli

Another small town worth of endorsement is the ancient settlement of Beli: the small town of Beli is located on top of a hill, full of woods, pine forests and lush vegetation. Here you will discover a magnificent view of the gulf. Other stages of your holiday on a sailing boat or catamaran in Croatia could be Valun (small fishing village closed to traffic) , and the small Martinesca and Osor, connected by a bridge to the island of Losinj.

The island of Losinj

The island of Losinj, thanks to its geographical position far from the coast of the mainland, is sheltered from strong winds coming from the Adriatic coast, and is characterized by lush vegetation and a healthy climate. Near Losinj there are also other islands not to be missed. Two of these are the island of Ilovik, which has very beautiful beaches made of pebbles, the island of Susak.

The sisland of Silba

Another “Hor spot” to visit during your sailing charter in north Croatia is the small island of Silba, completely with no traffic and no hotels, and the island of Olib, where an absolute calm reigns, the ideal place to enjoy a little privacy. Here, you can buy the fish from local fishermen, some excellent olive oil and wine, as well as home made cheese. Finally, The island of Rab with its lush pine forests, is a perfect place to find a cool shelter, from the hot summer of Croatia.


Croatia yacht charters :
Rijeka, Kvarner & North Adriatic Istria, Pula, Rovinj, Hrvatska & Brijuni islands

Routes for a sailing yacht charter in Croatia in the region of Kvarner

1) Departure From Rovinij, in Veruda Bay drops anchor for the night

2) Leave for ILOVIK to south of the island of Losinj, vist Rab, then sailing up to Osor. We recommend a couple of days off to enjoy the numerous harbors and bays all lovely, where you can dine at local restaurants great food at cheap price .

3 ) You can sail towards Pomer, recommended for snorkelling and reach the island of Pula. Pula offers rugged coastline, crystal clear sea and beautiful beaches made of gravel and rocks, including rge beach of Ambrela, the most famous. But Pula is also rich in beaches accessible only by sea, for a complete relax and a swimming in solitude.

4 ) returns ver Rovinj, a beautiful sailing.

Croatia yacht charters Route 2

Alternative sailing yacht charter route in Croatia in the area of Kvarner …

1)Start in Punat on the island of Krk and sailing towards the island of Rab .

2)Sail around the island of Cres in the city of Osor and drop the anchor

3) Sail in Susak and spend the night at anchor in Mali Losinj .

4) Visit Silba or Olib island.

5) You can sail towards Krk and stop in the bays of Rab or Baska, in the south- east of the island of Krk.

6) Last day you return to Punat.

Croatia yacht charters Route 3

1) From Pula you can sail from the small and quiet village of Pomer .

2) Set sail towards Rabac you stop to enjoy great seafood dishes.

3) You can sail up to Opatija, admiring the numerous picturesque villages, with their ancient villas , set overlooking the waterfront.

4) Navigate around Punat ..

Croatia yacht charters Route 4

1) Start In Rovinj.

2) Navigate to the bay of Pomer, where the rocks and shoals allow snorkeling.
On day 3 you can visit the beautiful old town of Pula, then set sail north to the town of Novigrad.

3) Here you can dine in the excellent seafood restaurants

4) Navigate towards Porec and Rovinj and back.

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