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Private services for companies

Incentives, Team Building, Business Meetings

Team Building

Charterby offers several packages and services for companies. One of these is certainly the team building. The sailboat is a Must for team building. Life on board is the perfect metaphor for the life of a company. There is only one captain, hierarchies are defined but at the same time there is need everyone’s help to succeed. It takes insight, courage, discipline, passion, determination, perseverance.

You have to know how to listen and communicate. You have to choose the team, preparing for the trip, set a course, reach a goal. All this can build the character of a team and can be a dress rehearsal for an important project to be realized.
Incentives, Team Building a business meeting for your company


Benefit of a good Team Building program

  • Strengthening of the Team spirit
  • Development of communication skills
  • Developing of Problem Solving attitudes
  • Developing of resolution of conflicts attitudes
  •  Re- energizing
  • Development of skills to meet new challenges
  • Development of knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses
  • Strengthening of the reasons

Benefit and incentives




Charterby offers several packages and services for companies. Our employees are our most valuable asset. Gratify them with an award for an accomplishment, for the quality of their work or for to their seniority is important to them and indirectly to others.

Large companies are well aware of this and grant of benefits such as company cars or annual premiums. Why not a dream sailing holiday for a week to the most deserving ? Because the rewards are important and rewarding merit pay forever.

Benefits of incentives

Strengthening the loyalty of your executives
Boosting of the productivity
Effect emulation for other employees
Re energizing
Increased motivation



Business Meetings


Charterby offers several packages and services for companies. One of these is certainly find the right boat for the business sector. Sometimes the best solutions comes in informal context, when you are more relaxed, perhaps in costume with a drink. On a yacht you can lay the foundation for a new project or find the concentration needed to find the right idea, out from your daily routine, from your meeting room or your office.

In addition, the yacht can be the ideal location to impress a future partner, strengthening a relationship, or close a contract with a major customer. We can offer a wide range of yachts of various sizes to give you the chance to discuss yours business in a unique location that will be your business card.