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Discover all out amazing gulet and routes for your sailing holidays on gulet between Greece and Turkey

The route between Greece and Turkey begins in the Dodecanese to sail in the Cyclades and the Sporades islands and the Turkish Coast. The islands we will sail around are the islands of Kos, Rhodes, Symi, Nisyros, Tilos, Kalymnos, Leros, Patmos, Lipsi, Mykonos and other islands of the Cyclades, and the Turkish coast.

The Dodecanese is an archipelago in the Aegean Sea, of 12 main islands, more than 150 smaller islands, of which 26 inhabited. The islands lie off the southwest coast of Turkey.

The presence of the sun for most of the year, a healthy climate, a pristine nature and the marine environment of rare beauty are the reasons why these islands are increasingly popular as a destination for gullet sailing cruise between the islands of Greece and the Turkish coast.

The stops of a gulet cruise sailing holiday in between Greece and Turkey are among the finest to be found anywhere in the entire Mediterranean.

The island of Rhodes, called “the island of light” for the amount of hours of sunshine per year, and UNESCO World Heritage site and the lush island of Kos with marine and terrestrial pristine environment, just three miles away from ‘Asia Minor.

We will visit the quiet Patmos, the island of pure bliss with its famous monastery, visible from all sides of the island and many other less famous islands, not less amazing for charm, nature and tradition.

The Cyclades are certainly the most famous group of islands in the Aegean Sea and include some of the most beautiful islands in the world! The Cyclades are a journey through the shining white and deep blue that dominate the skyline:

The traditional way of life of the many fishing villages, where time seems to stand still, the healthy food made ​​with freshly caught fish and vegetables, the popular music, always present here, hospitable people and amazing landscapes with bare isolated chapels will cast a spell on you.

For lovers of nightlife however there is that little gem that is the island of Mykonos a wonderful cosmopolitan mix of shops, bars and cozy taverns and windmills, churches and idyllic beaches and white houses on a cobalt blue background.

In Mykonos people come to do wind surfing, water sports, diving and snorkeling by day and get lost in the clubs and discos and bars hidden in the city or along the Paradise Beach. It begins with an aperitif at sunset at Little Venice and ends at dawn on some beach.

Another stop of this gulet cruise between Greece and Turkey is Santorini, one of the most famous island of Greece and one of the favorite destinations of gulet cruises between Greece and Turkey.

The island of Santorini, a volcanic island is linked to the myth of Atlantis, the views of the villages of Fira and Oia perched on cliffs, the sunset over the submerged volcano, the black and red beaches, the wine and the food, the hospitality of the people will remain in your heart for a long time.

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