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Ionian Islands sailing charters

Ionian Islands sailing charters

A sailing holiday in the Ionian islands in Greece is a unique experience. The Ionian Islands are a group of islands including 6 main ones- Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefalonia and Zakynthos- and other smaller but no less beautiful islands. The Ionian Islands are one of the most beautiful navigation areas in the world with an archipelago of 123 islands of which only 23 are inhabited. The dawn of the Ionian Islands is beautiful and in the morning you will sail to a quiet bay where you will have lunch between sunbathing and seabathing and in the evening you will discover the Greek tavernas and villages away from time. Chartering a boat with skipper in the Ionian Islands is the ideal place to spend time relaxing with family and friends, to celebrate a special occasion or to learn a bit ‘of sailing.

Ideal Choice for families

The Ionian Islands are ideal for a family holiday or for groups on their first sailing experience. With a sailing holiday in the Ionian Islands, after a day at the beach, you can dock directly in front of a taverna for dinner or at one of the many spots along the coast.

And again drop anchor in one of the many beautiful harbours on the coast and disembark to buy bread, feta and fresh tomatoes for lunch on board. The mixture of civilizations and cultures that harmoniously blend together, have made these islands a unique environment unlike any other area in Greece.

A great history

The location of these islands in the Mediterranean favoured the occupation by many populations, and in particular by the Venetians between the fifteenth and the eighteenth century, and later by the French, and English who returned to Greece in 1864.

The natural landscape is also charming and surprising. The lush green of the islands is in direct contrast to the high mountains of Albania and mainland Greece and the influence of more than four centuries of Venice on these lands is found today in the architecture in cities such as Corfu, Argostol, Lefkada and Zakynthos.

A great landscape

The Venetians also introduced the olive in Greece. It is said that the best oil can be found on the island of Paxi. In springtime, the natural spectacle of the islands, is enriched by flowers in bloom: thousands of fragrant flowers spread their aroma so that the island of Zakynthos is called the flower of the Levant.

The two main bases for your holiday in the Ionian islands are: Corfu (Gouvia Marina), from where you can start to explore the islands from the south, such as Paxos, Antipaxos, Mongonisi, Mourtos, Sivota, Parga Preveza and beautiful villages on the mainland , Lefkas with its numerous ports and bays, Ithaca, Kefalonia and Zakynthos. Alternatively you can choose to sail from Lefkas.

From April to October sunny skies and pleasant temperatures prevail. Summer brings long evenings, spectacular sunsets, light winds and calm seas. The water temperature is around 17 ° C in low season and 26 ° C in high season.

In the eastern Mediterranean the difference between tides is minimal: 30 to 60 cm, including variations due to atmospheric pressure and the prevailing winds. During the summer, winds blow predominantly from the north – northwest at 7-20 knots.

No Meltemi
In the Ionian Islands, finally, the Meltemi doesn’t blow, and this makes them the ideal intinerary for all boaters, even those with less experience who want to choose a bareboat charter in Greece.

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