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Italy sailing holidays

Everybody knows Italy as one of the world top tourism destination for its cities, history and culture, but not so many people know Italy as an amazing sailing holidays destination.


Italy Sailing holidays
Italy sailing holidays are becoming popular among the sailing lovers. Every year more people choose to enjoy their sailing holidays as italy, since italy, has a lot of amazing sailing itineraries. Nautical tourism has made a great progress lately and it surely helped the promotion of the Italian coast and its beauties.

Visit the beauty of the Italian Coast
You will be amazed by italy wonderful nature, islands, archipelagos almost invisible on maps, beaches, ports, clear waters, people, food…While exploring the beauties of the Italian coast you can enjoy not only sailing in perfect weather conditions but also various water sport activities like windsurfing, water skiing, diving, fishing…

The islands of Italy
Italy has many islands, like Sicily and Aeolian islands, Pontine islands, Egadi islands, Tuscan Archipelago islands, Sardinia and Sardinia islands like Maddalena Archipelago and other smaller but not less beautiful. Doing “island hopping” among these beautiful small islands, coastal ports and marinas, your sailing vacation turns into a vacation of dreams.

Sea, Culture, nature, cuisine, tradition, history
Clear waters of Italy, summer breeze, splendid coast, vast choice of boats…the perfect mix of all these elements will make of your journey unforgettable. Italy sailing holidays offers a possibility to explore marvellous waters, relax and enjoy in traditional cuisine and wines.

Due to great islands and archipelagos, splendid beaches, people’s hospitality, high standard of services, it has become the one of most attractive tourist branch for it attracts visitors from all over the world.

Unesco Heritage
Many places among out itineraries are like the amazing “Amalfi Coast” or the Aeolian islands” or the “Five Lands” or “Sardinia” are also listed in the Unesco World Heritage, so you can combine the charm of a luxury italy sailing holidays with the extraordinary beautiful landscape for wich Italy is know by all the world.

Thousands of kilometers of coastline
A holiday on a sailing boat or catamaran or motor yacht or gullet is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the coast, sun, good food, and a sea, which is sometimes crystalline, sometimes deep blue. Thousands of kilometers of coastline, a myriad of small villages facing the sea, so many beautiful sites to be listed among the UNESCO heritage sites, stunning scenery, rare art cities, parks and protected marine areas: these are just some of the ingredients that will make your holiday on a sailing boat in Italy an unforgettable event.

The most requested sailing itineraries
The most requested sailing itineraries are the Amalfi Coast, the Tuscan archipelago, the Aeolian Islands, Sardinia, Cilento. Imagine landing in all these places without queues or crowds, experiencing the luxury of being unique explorers who hold the helm of their own desires? The boat is your floating hotel that changes landscape every day, and never unpacking suitcase, you can move from one place to another, in total independence.

Why the boat
Because a boat above all means this: independence and freedom. Here you can start to indulge your imagination, start navigating around the fantastic Italian coasts, begin to define the most fascinating itineraries and choose dream boats ready for your sailing holiday in Italy. Sail the crystalline seas that lap on art, culture and the breathtaking scenery of Italy.

Sail with us
Bareboat or crewed italy sailing charters in Italy will be at your disposal to perfectly suite your needs. Give us a call or just send us an e mail, we will revert you in 24H with an offer for your pleaseant Italy sailing holidays.


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How to book

To book a yacht or ask information or receive a quote you can +39 0698181706 or at mobile +39 3394772428. Our team will be pleased to give you all the information you need.

The deposit to send at the moment of booking is the 50% of the cost of the yacht.
The balance should be sent one month before the embarcation.

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