Lipari Sicily sailing holidays

Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian Islands, and a stopover for stocking up on food and fuel during a sailing holiday in the Aeolian Islands. The white pumice, obsidian black and light blue turquoise sea are the colours that best represent Lipari. The deposits of pumice stone on the island have formed an immaculate white mountain that plunges into the sea, making the waters a wonderful and intense turquoise colour: a unique show for your eyes.


Lipari Sicily sailing holidays

The beauty of Lipari
We will sail along the coast of Lipari, and if we find a calm sea we will have the opportunity to enter the narrower creeks and caves, to enjoy a game of lights that is unique and unforgettable. But Lipari is also fashionable and bubbly.

It’s party animal soul is revealed at sunset, when we meet for a drink at the Eden bar in the centre or at the Cafe du Port of Marina Corta.
A shore excursion in the interior of the island enables you to discover very interesting places.

The Belvedere
For example, the trip to the Belvedere Quattrocchi, near Pianoconte, a kind of natural balcony with stunning views of the steep cliffs, the rocks and the background Volcano, Sicily and Mount Etna.

The Geyser
Even in Lipari volcanoes do not fail to make their presence felt in the form of geysers, hot springs and sulfur mines: the most famous geysers are those of Bagnosecco, and hot springs are located in the resorts of Bagnicello, Fontanelle, Pietre di Fuardo and Castellaro.

The Terme di San Calogero (San Calogero Spas)
The most important, however, are the Terme di San Calogero, where the world’s oldest spa facility was discovered. This consistsof a set of pipes with an adjoining boiler, that dates back to the seventeenth century BC, during the Aeolian Civilization.

The healthy power of the waters
Chemical analysis of the water, recently carried out, has classified them as hyper-salty-sulfate-bicarbonate-sodium, rising up to a temperature of about 60 degrees, that can cure arthritis, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, herpes, cradle cap, scabies, sycosis, and diathesis.

Discover the mainland
The main feature of Lipari is the modelling of the land which has produced white slopes of fine sand, directly overlooking the sea. The show is exciting: above the clear blue sea which becomes almost glassy, the old runways that were once used to carry loads of pumice onto ships, stretch out.

Here one of the favourite pastimes is for bathers to climb the slopes, cover themselves with pumice powder and then dive into the turquoise sea.

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