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A stop for every sailing holiday to the Aeolian Islands, the island of Vulcano has a name that reveals its identity: a land of magma, lava, sulphur vapours. Here fire meets sea and nature is manifested in all its strength. The geysers, intense colours, the acrid smell of sulphur, natural pools of mud, bubbling hot springs, numerous caves where you can swim between unforgettable displays of light, beautiful coves with clear water, the small fishing village where people have been living in the same way for over 100 years.


The Climb to the Crater: a must see show
During your sailing holiday to the Aeolian Islands, Vulcano is one of the destinations that will remain etched in your memory most. The island is in fact an active volcano, and its main crater is 400 meters tall. The climb to the crater is not very difficult and we always recommend it: the excursion is little less than an hour’s walk from Porto di Levante (but remember comfortable shoes and a handkerchief to protect yourself from the acrid smell of sulphur) and offers a view that is not easily forgotten.

Admire the incredible show
It’s hard to describe what it feels like to be on a narrow path that, on the one hand, displays the large, peaceful horizons of the sea and the islands, and, on the other, the heart of a living mountain that emits smoke, heat and hisses while building structures colourful sulphur.

A unique experience
It is certainly something to try and not just to be told about it. Here the yellow sulphur rocks contrast with the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the background, and geysers exhale a whitish smoke: if we picture hell, this seems to be the most appropriate.
Between the smell, the heat, the colours and the white smoke, the trip will seem like a true descent into hell.

Go “Up to Hell”
Residents here say that climbing the Vulcan you go “Up to Hell.” Coming to the island, we drop anchor on the east side of the island so that you can swim in the warm water (due to the leakage of hot gases from the bottom), or soak in the thermal mud puddle, one of the main attractions of the island of Vulcano since ancient times.

Discover the sea
But the added value of a sailing holiday to the Aeolian Islands is the ability to access bays, coves, and caves inaccessible from elsewhere. In Vulcano we will take you to swim in the beautiful bay of Pietra Quaglietto, or visit the beautiful caves of the Abate, of the Rossi, and of the Cavallo, as well as the stretch of rocks of many colours around Punta Leccia, the impressive coast around Monte Lentia.

Discover all the caves
Exclusive sea areas where you can swim are those around the Punta Roya, where the coast is pierced with caves that make the colours of the waterever changing or the cave Calda, which opens on the coast right in front of Lipari near the two cliffs of red rock and stone Pietralunga Menalda, or even to the pool of Venus, a pool of completely transparent water near the tip of Capo Secco on the west coast.

Discover the mainland
Other interesting shore excursions are the ‘Gelso’(Mulberry) beach, where the old lighthouse stands, more isolated because less accessible by land, compared to the more famous black sand beach. And Capo Grillo in the south of the island, 400 meters above the sea where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the entire archipelago. A view you will never forget.

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