Amalfi Coast sailing holidays – Capri Island

Capri is a must for any boating holiday on the Amalfi Coast, Visiting the isle of Capri by boat (sail boat, motor yacht, catamaran or gullet) is probably the best way to get to know the island: discovering the surrounding sea, its coastline rich in caves, hidden beaches and little creeks that hide emerald corners of the Med accessible only by sea. The charm of the island of Capri, its live happy lifestyle, have made history by reaching the threshold of myth. Capri is a magical place associated with the beautiful people from every era.


Sailing vacation in Amalfi Coast: Capri

Located West of Punta Campanella, the island of Capri, the most notorious and fascinating of the Neapolitan isles, also known as the ‘island of Tiberius’, represents today one of the most sought after dockings, popular with VIPs from all over the world.

Famous for its magical atmosphere, it attracts tourists of any nationality offering relaxing moments, unforgettable atmospheres, dream weddings and honeymoons, sophisticated restaurants, live music, an ideal climate and, last but not least, excellent shopping opportunities.

A unique lifestile

For an immersion into mundane lifestyle you cannot miss the famous ’Piazzetta’, centre of the island’s social life. During summer the ‘Piazzetta’ becomes a branch of Hollywood and Cinecitta’ and the tables of bars invite you to an evening aperitif in a very romantic setting: at dusk the sun colors the sea a rosy red, treating you to a breathtaking view of the white columns of the Marina Grande funicular.

This is a visit that is not easily forgotten. If you want to catch scorches of the incredible panoramas of Capri, we suggest you visit the Gardens of Augustus: from here you can admire a view that, to the left, begins with the valley of Certosa and contiunues with the Faraglioni, the bay of Marina Piccola and the winding ‘ via Krupp’ road.

The view from the Monte Solaro

However it is from the top of Mount Solaro, the tallest point of the island with its 586 metres, that you can be treated to a 360 degree view of the island. From this incredible natural terrace you can enjoy almost every angle of the island as well as the Amalfi Coast, the Gulf of Naples and the islands of Ischia and Procida.

The perfect sailing vacation

Whether you’re on a luxurious motor yacht or a small sail boat, the isle of Capri and the entire Amalfi Coast will treat you to unforgettable moments. If sight and curiosity are satisfied, your other senses won’t be less. The local cuisine for example is exceptional: you must enjoy fish, linguini with redfish sauce, ‘caprese’ ravioli and all the typical dishes of Capri.

All of this while sitting beneath the pergolas of restaurants from which you can enjoy unequalled panoramas. You can also book excursions to enjoy nature by foot or helicopter, spa treatments and massages, tours in the famous open taxis, fantastic diving excursions or just spend enjoyable hours shopping.

Unesco world Heritage

Famous for its wonderful natural beauty, its millennial history, its mild climate and bright landscape, the island of Capri is one of the top destinations of international tourism: a mandatory route and a magnificent destination for a dream sailing holiday on the Amalfi Coast.

The difference between a normal vacation on the island and a sailing holiday is the ability to fully enjoy the small bays and caves. Marina Grande, the only port of the island, is located on the North coast.

The Marinas

However anchorage is also possible to the East and West. When strong winds blow from the North it’s possible to anchor on the bay of Marina Piccola (on the South coast). From Marina Grande you can reach Capri by foot or by cable railway.

A place full of History

During ancient Roman times 12 villas were built and today it is still possible to visit their ruins. The creeks to be seen are Matermania, Ventroso, the White Grotto, the Green Grotto and famous Blue Grotto. Also Capri’s ‘Piazzetta’ is famous all over the world. Capri is definitely the most talked about of the Neapolitan islands as well as the most loved by elegant and cosmopolitan visitors.


Please find some suggestion for sailing itineraries in Amalfi Coast

1 week – (approx. 110 nautical miles)

Procida – ischia – capri – amalfi – cetara – positano – ischia – procida

2 weeks – (approx. 300 nautical miles)

Procida – palinuro – stromboli – panarea – lipari – filicudi – vulcano – salina – maratea – capri – procida

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