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Ischia is a destination not to be missed on a boating holiday in the Amalfi Coast. May it be a small sail boat or a luxurious motor yacht, whether you’re looking for a fully relaxing stopover or an evening of wild fun, stopping at Ischia is a must. The island of Ischia is a real wellbeing haven with its many spas, its blue sea, its wide golden beaches, its woodlands and its effervescent nightlife. Its uncontaminated sea will attract you with its colours ranging from emerald green, turquoise to cobalt blue coupled with the enchanting and wild beauty of the coast.


Ischia: A must during amalfi coast sailing holiday
A sailing holiday on the Amalfi Coast cannot go without a stopover in Ischia. Ischia’s ports (Casamicciola, Lacco Ameno e Sant’ Angelo) are well-equipped and enable you to enjoy maximum comfort and leaving the island will be very difficult: precious beaches, wild cliffs inhabited only by seagulls, a blazing sun, shadowy creeks, submerged and outcropping caves characterise the island.

A great History
And then the history, culture, art, ancient hamlets, strolling through trees and flowers, the marvellous beaches around Ischia Porto, Ischia Ponte, Casamicciola Terme, Lacco Ameno, Forio, Sant’ Angelo for a boating holiday on the Amalfi Coast that will certainly entertain all your senses; not ultimately your palate with dishes typical of the Mediterranean and local cuisine, sea and earth dishes, tasty, and light as only the Mediterranean cuisine can be.

A magic island
In this magical island you will also find spas, health and beauty, healing muds, massages, warm water pools, natural saunas that will enable you to experience mental and physical balance in the beautiful setting of a boating holiday on the Amalfi Coast. Ischia has spa parks that are one of a kind.

The Spas
The many thermal pools that vary in temperature, Jacuzzis filled with spa water coming from the sea are set in amazing gardens with tropical plants and rare flowers from all over the world: a real paradise on earth. In the parks you can enjoy spa treatments such as mud based remedies, inhalations, baths, facials and body massages as well as physiotherapy. A visit to a spa with treatments in natural saunas, Kneipp baths or even the gym is a real cure-all for your body and mind.

The numerous benefits
There are 29 groups of thermal mineral water springs that have different chemical and physical characteristic but are all hyper-mineral and hyper-thermal and mainly used for therapeutic purposes. Spa water is considerably beneficial to the body and in the Ischitan spas they are used in pools, mud treatments, showers, inhalations and nebulisations as well as gynaecological cures, hydroponic treatments and many other remedies.

Great Night life
But Ischia is also well known for its lively nightlife: discos, pubs, streets and squares where the majority of tourists and locals can be found. The main nightlife centre is Ischia Porto, followed by Forio where you can find some clubs close to the port. In other boroughs you can spend more relaxing evenings, maybe going for a stroll on the main street or a romantic dinner in one of the many restaurants.

A unique landscape
The beauty of the landscape, the magical atmosphere that you can enjoy from the many panoramas of the island as well as the therapeutic properties have made the island of Ischia a dream location for holidays desired by many at an international level and a definite stopover for any cruise on a sail boat on the Amalfi Coast.


Please find some suggestion for sailing itineraries in Amalfi Coast

1 week – (approx. 110 nautical miles)

Procida – ischia – capri – amalfi – cetara – positano – ischia – procida

2 weeks – (approx. 300 nautical miles)

Procida – palinuro – stromboli – panarea – lipari – filicudi – vulcano – salina – maratea – capri – procida

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