Lavezzi Corsica sailing charters

The island of Lavezzi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a half-way stop for your sailing holiday in Sardinia and Corsica. The island offers a spectacular infinity of natural granite sculptures, carved by the erosive action of the waves and wind in the Strait of Bonifacio. Located just south of the island of Cavallo, in the South East of Corsica, Lavezzi, is a natural reserve of incomparable beauty: a maze of very lightly coloured granite boulders that offers endless and tiny bays where a good skipper can carve out their own private Eden.


Lavezzi Corsica sailing charters

The island of Granite
In Lavezzi there are no real hills but only large boulders of granite, shaped and pierced into the strangest forms by the elements. The highest one, more or less fifty meters above sea level, offers a breath-taking view of the island.

The rocks shaped by the wind
The island is a patch of sand and granite, where wind and water have shaped the rocks and selected a nature that is extraordinarily resistant to the angry weather manifestations. The environment is therefore very austere, wild and rugged; among the rocks there is not a single tree.

Pure beauty
However, the feeling you have when you arrive is not one of desolation, but of admiration for a pure beauty, an unspoilt natural beauty, where the sweetness of the crystal blue sea, framed by precious coves, contrasts with the hard granite and the intense green of the Mediterranean shrub.

Cala Lazarina
It’s possible to moor south at Cala Lazarina (if the prohibition of entrance is in place, you must disembark with rowing dinghy) or Cala Giunco. From the north, Lavezzi is only accessible to experienced skippers, who have the courage to venture into the dense series of tiny channels that characterize the Cala del Greco and Cala della Chiesa.

Great Diving Opportunities
The seabed here, given its shallow depth are everywhere exceptionally transparent. The seabed alone is the reason why many people prefer to come here to spend their holidays on a catamaran, that are more suitable for getting as close as possible to the shore.


South East Corsica

Cannigione (Arzachena GULF)
Golfo di S Manza (la Balistra)
la Rondinara Portonovo S. Giulia
Isole Cerbicali
Porto Vecchio
Cipriano Bay

Maddalena Archipelago

Portisco Tavolara (Spalmatore) 12m

Tavolara Isola Caprera 21m

Isola di Caprera Bonifacio 18m

Bonifacio Isola Budelli 11m

Isola Budelli Isola Spargi (Cala Corsara), Razzoli e Santa Marina 3m

Isola Spargi La Maddalena (Cala Gavetta) 3m

La Maddalena Pevero 9m

Pevero Portisco 5m

South Corsica

Portisco Mortorio 4m

Mortorio Isola Caprera (Cala Portese) 8m

Isola di Caprera Porto Vecchio 26m

Porto Vecchio Golfo di Sant\’Amanza 12m

Golfo Sant\’Amanza Isola Cavallo 3m

Isola Cavallo Bonifacio 5m

Bonifacio Isola Budelli 11m

Isola Budelli La Maddalena (Cala Francese) 3m

La Maddalena (Cala Francese) Porto Cervo 13m

Porto Cervo Cala di Volpe 4m

Cala di Volpe Portisco 3m

West Corsica

Portisco Cala di Volpe

Cala di Volpe Caprera (Cala Coticcio)

Caprera (Cala Coticcio) Porto Massimo

Porto Massimo Isola Lavezzi

Isola Lavezzi Bonifacio

Bonifacio Propriano

Propiano Ajaccio

Ajaccio Baia di Figari

Baia di Figari S.Teresa di Gallura

S.Teresa di Gallura Poltu Quatu

Poltu Quatu Portisco

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