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Gorgona Tuscany sailing holiday and private cruise

Gorgona is the smallest of the Tuscan islands and less known island among the Tuscan Archipelago. Due to the prison, private cruise and yachts rent in Gorgona is not allowed, since the sea around the island is forbidden to tourism, but booking in advance, the island is not impossible to visit. With a total population of only 300, the island is a natural paradise for wildlife. Its beautiful, rugged coastline, surrounded by uncontaminated water and indented with spectacular coves, is also forbidden to private boats except in an emergency.




An amazing small island

Tuscany sailing holidays is definitely about having a good time. Sailing in Tuscany waters you will find some islands really amazing. The smallest island of the Tuscan Archipelago, west of Livorno, Gorgona has 300 Inhabitants (mostly prisoners) and is little more than 2 square miles of land, mostly occupied by the penitentiary.

In rocky ground, 225 meters above sea level it is covered by Mediterranean scrub. Visits to the island, where visitors can moor only in case of danger, are allowed during the summer months on Tuesday in small groups, who are taken by a patrol boat of the ferry running between Livorno, Elba and Capraia.

The tour of the island

The tour, organized by the cooperative of the natural park, covers the most striking points of the coast, Cala Martina and Cala  Scirocco, and the hills covered with Mediterranean vegetation, which effectively are home to wild rabbits, gulls, terns and migratory birds.

Is not easy but the visit is really fantastic. The island has untouched nature crystal sea and a scented landscape. What catches one’s eye is the vegetation: the about 90% of the island in fact has got a Mediterranean bush where more than 400 flora species lives.

The prison

Due to the prison on the island the sea surrounding the island is forbidden to tourism. this is why the clearness of the water is so outstanding. The very poor polluted anthropical supply then, has enabled the proliferation of delicate sea species.

The Island of Gorgona is rich in green and pines which create a marvellous contrast with the blue of the sea. – The Cooperative of the natural park “Isola di Gorgona” organises tours on the island and is the only one authorised by the Ministry of Justice.

The excursion of the island

The Lipu follows this cooperative society to organise its own excursions at Gorgona. – At least 15 days before the travel it is necessary to communicate to the direction of the goal the essential data of a document of each visitors.

The Lipu makes itself responsible for this formality and requires to the participiants the necessary data which will be transferred to the competent person. – The prison can deny the visit to some people as for example to people with previous conviction or in probation.

trip notes

Gorgona island (Tuscany, Italy) has very limited access

Protected Areas

On land :
100% of the territory (mostly zone 1, partly zone 2)

At sea:
Nearly everywhere with the exception of a docking corridor at Cala Scalo, that is to be found between two areas of zone 2.

The most part is zone 1.

In zone 1, it is forbidden to access, to sail, to stop, to anchor, to fish and to dive.
In zone 2, access, sailing, stopping, anchoring and diving are regulated by the Director of the Casa di Reclusione.

Useful information for sailing in Gorgona

With a maximum elevation of 255 m, the island is cultivated in the east and partially covered with trees, while to the west coast is bare and rocky peak, as in Cala Maestra (Maestra Bay), where the anchor is good. Cala Scirocco (Scirocco Bay) , dominated by Garibaldi Tower 131 m high, offers a good anchor on the line joining the two points, in 13 m of water on a sandy bottom and posidonia. In “Cala della Scala” (Scala Bay) is the main harbor of the island.


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