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Tuscany private cruise and yachts rent in Capraia

Capraia is an amazing small island in the Tuscan Archipelago, an “out of time stop” during a pleasant tuscany sailing charter or private cruise. Tuscany private cruise and yachts rent Capraia is an amazing experience. No pollution at all, in the land, in the sea, in the air and also in the silence. At evening you can hear your steps noise while walking in the scented nature


A small island of the Mediterranean sea

Capraia has a surface area of 19.3km2 making it the third largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago. It is considered to be one of the more maritime islands being a good 54km from the continental coast while Corsica lies 31km to the West. Gorgona is 40km to the NNE and to the same distance south lies Elba.

Feel the magic in the air

It‘s very difficult to describe in few lines the wonderful reality of Capraia, because it is the union of all that is expected of a small Mediterranean island. Tuscany private cruise and yachts rent Capraia is an amazing experience.

An Island full of History

A story that dates back to the beginnings of civilization, passing by the first sailors to the Romans, hermits, pirates, the maritime republics to raids, until it became more recently an island prison and now a natural park and marine protected area.

The Pristine nature of the island

The island has a natural beauty hard to find so close to our cities, in strong contrast with the environment in which we live every day, air pollution and noise. Tuscany private cruise and yachts rent Capraia permit a total relax.

Time seems to bee suspended

When for the first time you visit the island, especially during low season, you will go through the astonishing experience of walking in the evening, the streets of the village, listening to your steps, discovering the beauty of a starry sky as you are more accustomed to observe, you can savor the feeling of freedom that gives the wind-rich scents.

The charm of the Italian Coast

On this beautiful Island you will feel the charm of italian coast, as you walk around, accompanied by the cries of the seagulls that nest on rocks exposed to the force of the sea. Tuscany private cruise and yachts rent Capraia is a journey among nature and silence. However as all the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago Capraia has some protected areas…Please find a useful map of the protected areas.

Trip Notes

As all the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago Capraia has some protected areas…Please find below a useful maps of the protected areas.

Protected Areas on land:

Almost the entire territory (zone 2), with exception of the inhabited centre. The small islands La Peraiola, Le Formiche, Lo Scoglione, lo Scoglio del Gatto and lo Scoglio della Manza are also protected.

Protected areas At Sea:

One part is zone 1, which includes the area between Punta della Manza and Punta del Trattoio. The rest is zone 2.

Useful Information for sailing

Capraia island is jagged and full of coves and caves. The lighthouse is in Punta Ferraione on the West of the highest mountains whose peak is 445 m. Strong winds from the first dial are not uncommon during the winter, while during the spring winds blow by II and III dial. The south-west wind “Libeccio” in particular is annoying as it slips between the hills and come violently to port. The Mistral is normal in the summer.

The only beach of the island is in Cala Mortola (“Mortola Bay”), while in front of the Punta della Teia (Cape Teia) pay attention to the little rocks called “Formiche”, positioned about 400 m from the coast. To the east of “Cala Zurletto” (Zurletto Bay), just below the tip Ferraione, and “Cala Ceppo” (Ceppo Bay) strain under the tip Civitate, are practicable. Then you arrive to the scenic Cala Rossa, almost to “Cala Zenobito” (Zenobito Bay). To the west there are two good coves for mooring between the rock of Peraiola and Punta della Manza. (Cape Manza)


Itinerary 1 sailing holidays and yacht charters in Tuscany

Castiglioncello Capraia 33 Nautical Miles
Capraia Marciana 22 Nautical Miles
Marciana Marina Marina di Campo 4 Nautical Miles
Marina di Campo Porto Azzurro 7 Nautical Miles
Porto Azzurro Portoferraio 4 Nautical Miles
Portoferraio San Vincenzo 17 Nautical Miles
San Vincenzo Castiglioncello 17 Nautical Miles

Itinerary n 2: Tuscany sailing holidays and charters

Castiglioncello Capraia
Capraia Marina di Campo
Marina di Campo Isola del Giglio
Isola del Giglio Isola di Giannutri
Isola di Giannutri Porto Azzurro
Porto Azzurro Castiglioncello

Itinerary 3 sailing holidays and yacht charters in Tuscany

Castiglioncello Capraia
Capraia St. Florent
St. Florent Calvi
Calvi Ile Rousse
Ile Rousse Macinaggio
Macinaggio Castiglioncello

Distances in nautical miles from Salivoli:

Golfo di Baratti, 3 Nautical Miles
Elba–Cavo, 5 Nautical Miles
Elba–Portoferraio, 10 Nautical Miles
Elba–Porto Azzurro, 13 Nautical Miles
Elba-­‐Marciana Marina, 15 Nautical Miles
Argentario, 39 Nautical Miles
Capraia, 29 Nautical Miles
Giglio, 36 Nautical Miles
Giannutri, 54 Nautical Miles
Corsica–Macinaggio, 46 Nautical Miles
Corsica–Bastia, 48 Nautical Miles

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