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Catamarans have been gaining in popularity for some time now, and are one of the most popular yacht charter types. So what makes catamarans so attractive? Basically, they offer double the space and stability than regular sailboats. When you charter a catamaran you get plenty of space, comfort and privacy so these yachts are excellent for families and groups. The stability these yachts offer is especially appreciated by those prone to seasickness. Catamarans can go rather fast and are in no way slowed down by their appearance, and their shallow draft allows you to access many private coves and beaches.

When choosing suitable charter catamaran, you should consider your comfort level at sea and the number of other adults and children that you will have on board. The typical benefits of charter catamarans are more space in all areas of the boat and will not roll at anchor. This is especially important if you are taking children or are prone to seasickness.

Spaciousness and privacy

There is also more space in catamarans as well as more privacy, as the walls do not allow for conversations to be heard. A typical modern catamaran normally has 4 staterooms, with en-suite bathroom, and a salon/cockpit combination capable to sit and entertain 15-20 people. The cockpit and the salon are on the same level, which adds to the feeling of spaciousness. There is ample headroom everywhere. The foredeck features a big net between the hulls, which makes a great sun bathing area. Because of this spaciousness, a catamaran rarely feels crowded as it is relatively easy to get some privacy from other members of the party.
Other important factors

To choose a charter catamaran, consider the number of people you will have on board. A wise thing to do would be select a boat with one more room than you will need. Also think about any extra amenities you would like for the boat, such as a CD player or a cell phone. Another thing you have to keep in mind when choosing charter catamaran is the sailing performance. Catamarans do not rock about in the water, while tacking and anchoring are done differently than with a monohull.


Your budget is also another thing to consider when choosing a suitable charter catamaran. Consider which extra amenities and activities you need since they add to your overall costs. Do not forget the provisioning either. Food is also a cost of your sailing holiday. Do not be afraid to stock up, catamarans have more storage space. If you charter a crewed catamaran, do not forget that it is also an extra cost. Skippers command a daily wage and you are obliged to take care of their meals. You need to be aware of cancelation policies and insurance when chartering so be sure to also read the fine print of your rental agreement.