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If you have chartered sailing yachts before and now you want to try something else, like a power yacht, you probably want to know what are the advantages of power yachts over sailing yachts.
Speed, luxury and power. One thing you should know is that power yachts are faster than sailing boats and offer luxury and comfort with more space below decks. Motor yachts are more powerful, usually equipped with water sports and entertainment amenities as well as the latest navigation and communication systems.

Spacious and simple. Compared to sailing yachts, power yachts have more spacious cabins and decks which makes them a great yacht charter option. Another thing why motor yacht charters are popular is that motor yachts do not heel over while underway and are easier and simpler to operate and require less experience. Their shallow draft allows you to approach some areas sailing yachts cannot reach, and their high speed makes it possible to see and do more in a short period of time.

Benefit overview

So, the key motor yacht charter benefits compared to sailing yacht charter:

  • motor yachts have more space for entertaining, larger cabins and head facilities as well as useable deck space.
  • motor yacht cabins provide more comfort.
  • a motor yacht normally has a stylishly decorated interior, great electronic entertainment and amenities.
  • motor yachts also feature sophisticated technological navigational and communications systems.
  • motor yacht charters are great for those with little sailing experience. It is easier to operate a motor yacht than a sailing yacht. Motor yachts usually have stabilizers to help steady the yacht.
  • because of their greater speed, motor yachts can arrive at their next destination quicker than sailing yachts.